U.S. Navy Salvor's Handbook (Digital Edition)

Navy Salvor's Handbook
Updated: 01 January 2021 278 pages A note to Salvors -- this handbook is a short summary of the hard-earned and sometimes blood-stained knowledge and lessons learned contained in the rich library of the USN Salvage and Diving Program: • USN Salvage Manuals (6 volumes) • USN Towing Manual • Salvage Safety Manual • Underwater Cutting and WeldingManual • Use of Explosives in UnderwaterSalvage • Salvage Engineering Manual I. Initial Actions Following a Casualty II. Naval Architecture III. Rigging IV. Refloating Strandings V. Sinkings VI. Towing VII. Useful Information Index of Information ------------------------- Updated: 01 January 2021 Author: J. R. Wilkins, III Director of Ocean Engineering Supervisor of Salvage and Diving, USN
  • Brand: US Navy

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